SIM’s Cybersecurity Special Interest Group (SIG) is hosting its second annual Virtual Conference on Thursday, September 20, 2018, from 11:00 am ET – 4:30 pm ET. This exclusive executive event will offer attendees the opportunity to engage with the sharpest minds on significant cybersecurity issues.

With concurrent Risk and Strategy tracks, we explore practical applications of this year’s theme “TRUST — THE GREATEST CASUALTY OF CYBER WAR” – building cyber resilient organizations and leveraging cyber trust as a strategic advantage.

Society needs trust in order to function. Consider all of the people, processesand institutions we place our trust in as we go about our daily lives. The fact we don’t really think about it is an indication of how well trust has worked – until now.

In the past few years, we’ve seen breaches of striking proportions, the disclosure of some serious hardware and software flaws, and questionable behavior by some of the largest consumer technology companies. Cybercriminals and state-sponsored actors are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and aggressive in their abilities to exploit our behaviors and technology flaws — putting all of us at greater risk. Lack of trust is now becoming pervasive.

Mark your calendars and join us at SIM’s Cybersecurity Virtual Conference to hear from an impressive lineup of experts who will share their stories and experiences in preparing for the cyber challenges of tomorrow.

By attending the Cybersecurity Virtual Conference you will:
* Gain insights and knowledge into the emerging cyber threats of tomorrow
* Learn how to build cyber resilient organizations
* Develop approaches for integrating cybersecurity into organizational strategy

The issues in front of us have yet to be resolved and they will continue to linger. As threat actors become more creative and sophisticated, we have to adapt to get ahead of them.

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Registration fees are $75 for SIM Members and $199 for Non-Member Practitioners.